Since Year : 2000

About Us

Arch-Aid Architects & Engineers Pvt Ltd is multi specialty engineering consultancy firm. It deals in planning, design and project management of various types of  building projects , town ships and other civil engineering infrastructure projects. “Design is a symbiosis requiring the thoughtful consideration of the client together with the creative & organisational skills of the designer. When these are fully integrated with enthusiasm, a successful imaginative solution is the result.” Arch-Aid Architects & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. established in December 2000 is complete solution for structural, architectural
Interior and behavioral design of various types of building and Civil infrastructure.

Our core competency lies on planning Health and Educational buildings for effective use with particular emphasis on space creation, space planning and factors that affect responses to living and working environments. We are enthusiastic about various projects involving interior furnishing, refurbishment, maintenance and design. Our comprehensive range of services are tailor-made to meet client's preference and budget..

Our philosophy is to provide a reliable, professional service to our clients and to continuously improve, modify and refine our service to ensure both high quality and innovative designs. We work to recognised international standards and we pride ourselves on the level of professional service that we are able to offer in all aspects of our work.